`` DVR Security System

DVR Security System

SANNCE 1080P HDMI HD-TVI 8CH / 4CH DVR IR CUT CCTV Security Camera System 1TB US

Price: $85.99

4X 4CH 720P HDMI DVR HD 1500TVL Outdoor IR Home CCTV Security Camera System NVR

Price: $119.00

4CH 1080N CCTV 5IN1 AHD DVR HDMI 1500TVL Outdoor CCTV Security Cameras System US

Price: $69.99

SANNCE 5in1 1080P HDMI 8CH DVR 1500TVL 720P IR CCTV Security Camera System 1TB

Price: $139.99

ZOSI 8CH 1080P CCTV DVR 1500TVL Outdoor 720P Night Vision Security Camera System

Price: $135.99

SANNCE 4CH 1080N DVR LCD Monitor 1500TVL Outdoor IR Home Security Camera System

Price: $149.99

DVRs are now beginning to be used more and more in other areas than just home entertainment. They are becoming very popular for surveillance systems especially in the home and shop environments where they are proving very cost effective and have a reasonable setup investment. DVRs have managed to get a good response from the market and the future will see DVRs being employed in new areas like weather forecasting and ship to shore communication.

DVRs have carved a niche in the field of satellite television. HDDVRs with all their features have managed to attract the attention of many a couch potatoes. The futuristic feel of the product and the control that it has given to the viewer has added a new dimension to TV viewing and some are already comparing it with the transformation brought on after the onset of color television in the last century. However, it may take a while before this technology becomes the norm and broadcasters start airing programs that are tailor made or customized to HDDVR sets. With DVR technology, the reception of signals at the viewer end is digital and now the onus has shifted to the broadcaster to provide signals of matching quality to further enhance viewing pleasure.

As far as surveillance does, DVRs are fast replacing the conventional VCRs. Extensive research and development work is going on in many corporations and labs to develop better DVR devices to suit varied market requirements. The remote location monitoring option by which offices could be monitored from anywhere in the world, has caught the attention of the market. There is also extensive demand for the embedded DVRs because of their independence and ease of operation. Many banks, security firms, commercial organizations have already switched over to this technology and are enjoying the benefits.

In the transport sector, the technology is now fast catching up as many cargo firms are now depending on DVRs to obtain real time information on the movement and safety of their goods. Along with the GPS system, this technology has given companies another avenue to monitor cargo movement. The demand for DVR in this sector is expected to increase in the years to come.

With the use of DVRs in multiple sectors, the stage is now set for development of customized DVRs. These will take a different path of evolution from their predecessors and may even be developed into a completely different technology.

The new DVR or Digital Video Recorder are faster and easier to manage than non-digital and analog systems. A DVR security system provided instant access to recorded or live video. You don't need to worry about storage either because the amount of video that can be stored on a single DVR disc largely outweighs the amount stored on tape. A single DVR disc can hold the equivalent video footage of over 30 VCR tapes. This means that you will save a fair amount of money on storage and storage space. Portable or mini DVR units are becoming very popular and are also worth considering if you don't need to connect a large amount of cameras to the system.

Characteristics of a PC-based Security Camera DVR with Video Capture Board

A PC-based DVR is a digital video recorder built like a computer. It may consist of two things: a tower mount or a rack mount. Inside it, you will find a mother board, network card, video card, CPU, hard drive, and memory. The DVR video card and the DVR software give users remote access. The DVR capture board receives video directly from security cameras. The DVR software, in turn, works in conjunction with the DVR board to first, change captured video images into a manageable and recognizable format and second, to provide camera controls, as well as record and playback functions.

Characteristics of a Stand-alone Security Camera DVR

A stand-alone security camera DVR is an all-in-one unit. All components of a stand-alone security camera DVR are built on one complete circuit board. Its appearance is very similar to that of a VCR or DVD player. Stand-alone security camera DVRs are highly reliable and are very easy to use and install.

The Difference between PC-based and Stand-alone DVR security systems

A stand-alone security camera DVR is very dependable and user-friendly, mostly because they are built on only one circuit board. Therefore you needn't worry about system crashes or software conflicts because all the hardware and software are embedded on one board. A PC-based security camera DVR, on the other hand, offer more advances features and are better suited for upgrades and systems expansions. They have bigger CPUs and memory, and you can easily add burners and hard drives.

Stand-alone Versus PC-based

Most heavy and large-scale users, such as banks and airports, opt for PC-based models. Just because they do, however, doesn't mean you should join in the bandwagon and purchase the same for your office or factory. In truth, you should base your choice of security camera DVR on your surveillance needs. If your company's camera network is comparatively small and does not require much use of sophisticated controls, then a stand-alone security camera DVR should suffice. If, on the other hand, your surveillance needs require the use of sophisticated controls or if you are planning to expand your company's surveillance system in the future, then the wisest choice would be a PC-based model.

Another way of looking at it is if reliableness and stability are what matters most to you, then buy a stand-alone security camera DVR. If advanced viewing, playback and video file saving over the Internet mean more to you, then go for a PC-based security camera DVR.