`` Bosch Security DVR

Bosch Security DVR

BOSCH DVR-5000-16A200 Digital Video Recorder,2 tb

Price: $150.00


Price: $359.95

Bosch DVR-630-16A200 Digital Video Recorder 16 Channels

Price: $199.99

Bosch DB24C4200R2 DiBos 2TB 24-CH 8-Audio 32-IP Digital Video Recorder CCTV DVR

Price: $350.00


Price: $899.95

Bosch DVR-480-08A050 Digital Video Recorder - 500 GB HDD

Price: $349.99

Bosch Security Systems has extended the capacities of its sophisticated Divar digital flexible recorders with the addition of a Point-of-Sale interface to enable it to capture and track exchange details for banking, retail and other POS applications. Communication of data from the money register through the interface to the recorder is over an IP network. This implies only the interface device must be close to the money register, not the entire recording unit which can be kept in the executive's office, explains Dave Mulcahy, CCTV Product Executive for Bosch Security Systems. This is a more practical agreement for the store, and permits up to four tills to be recorded on a single Divar recording unit. Photographs taken from cameras in a store can now be matched to transactional info from the till to see whether an incident has occurred.

As well as capturing the perpetrators with recorded proof that is admissible in court, it also defends those staff that will have formerly been incorrectly charged by establishing they weren't concerned.

Divar mixes a total digital video recorder system with multiplexer and switcher in a single, low profile unit capable of concurrent full-colour recording and playback. It can form the basis of a self-contained ( stand-alone ) security system for applications like shops, jewellers and bigger convenience stores, recording both pictures and information on a single unit.

Multiple site surveillance and recording is also possible making it excellent for use in retail chain stores, fast-food eateries, banks, money dispensers, shops, gas stations, depots and logistics centres where cameras must be viewed and controlled remotely across many various locations. Bosch Security Systems latterly extended the capacities of its sophisticated Divar digital flexible recorders by doubling the in-built video storage capacity. The most recent reinforced 16-channel Divar increases internal hard disk capacity from 320 GB to six hundred GB, giving the chance to digitally record up to sixteen cameras at one image per second ( IPS ) in standard resolution for exceedingly long periods - more than a month, or even longer with less resolution or less cameras. Up to sixteen separate Divar units can be linked domestically to produce a 256-camera digital recorder, and up to thirty Divars can be employed to govern and view much bigger camera installations over multiple sites. All Divars feature alarm handling, fast search and playback, and have inbuilt telemetry for immediately controlling Bosch EnviroDome, AutoDome and PTZ cameras. User-selectable functions permit particular configurations to be quickly optimised for any express application and downloaded to other Divars permitting complete installations to share identical programming for camera set-ups, times of day, alarms, event replies and so on. Divar is also superb for evidential recording as it provides video overwrite protection to stop the loss of crucial video proof material, and immediately records authenticating metadata with the video pictures to permit detection of image fiddling.