`` Samsung Security DVR

Samsung Security DVR

Samsung SDH-C74041 1TB HD Video Security System 8-Channel DVR 4-Camera Kit Wi-Fi

Price: $229.99

Samsung SDR-C5300N 16 Channel Home Security AHD Digital Video DVR w/ 1TB HDD

Price: $149.99

Samsung SDH-C75100 16 Channel 2TB HDD DVR Security System 10 Cameras Refurbished

Price: $399.95

Samsung SDR-B3300 4CH 1TB Surveillance Security System DVR for SDH-B3040

Price: $79.00

Samsung Techwin 16Ch HD Video 2TB Security DVR System & 10 Cameras - NEW OTHER

Price: $359.00

Home Security Systems Samsung SDH-C75100-16 Channel All-in-one 2TB HDD DVR 1080p

Price: $795.71

When taking a look at DVR comparisons you'll see that Samsung systems are a few of the most respected and cheap in the digital video recording market. The Samsung DVR DVD-HR755 is one model especially that is built well re look and function. With a sophisticated piano black shell and contrasting blue power buttons, this Samsung DVR model has a single analog DVD recorder and can record for at least 421 hours on its 250 GB internal drive. While this isn't the best Samsung DVR on the market, the DVD-HR755 is comparatively provoking re price when compared to other DVR brands and Samsung DVR models on the market. DVRs are integral to the success of any CCTV project. With higher video resolution, information compression, and quicker recording speeds, DVRs are better than each.

Professional DVRs make allowance for network or remote monitoring of CCTV video. With video distribution across LANs, WANs, and the Net, the DVR is also used for business systems monitoring.