`` About CCTV

About CCTV

The first job of CCTV systems was to provide store owners a measure of defense against shoplifters.

This original desire has expanded and CCTV systems now provide multiple other services for entrepreneurs. The property that CCTV systems help to guard now includes physical property also. While the employment of CCTV systems inside is widely known, many folks don't recognize that there are cameras outside also. These cameras monitor everything from the carpark at Wal Mart to the gas pump at the area corner store. These cameras are there to give protection to the property from burglary and or vandalism. CCTV cameras that are outside can regularly be recognized. The housing that holds the camera could be the dimensions of a loaf of bread. Or the housing could be a dome that is smoked glass or glazed silver or gold. These dome housings hang like pendants from walls and light poles. The cameras that are in the domes are frequently mounted to pan / lean heads and supplied with telephoto zoom lenses. These devices permit the camera to scan the complete area round the camera and are not fixed to a single location. Should trespass be viewed by the operator, the pan / lean head can be stopped in the situation of the trespass, the camera zoomed in to the trespasser and the movements of that person followed with the pan / lean function controlled by hand.

This capability permits one camera to do the function of many cameras so reducing the final value of the CCTV system while augmenting its efficacy. Exterior CCTV cameras and their housings are sometimes subject to vandalism. This vandalism might be youths trying to destroy something "just for the fun of it" or a tangible intruder trying to deny security their identification. Makers are aware of this problem and for areas that are or might be subject to vandalism provide ballistic rated housings.

These ballistic rated housings are powerful enough to bear a bullet shot at the camera housing. Dearer than standard housings, for many areas, ballistic rated housings offer a cost benefits to the owners of the property. Personnel costs are a major budget factor for any business or company. The employment of CCTV systems allows the owners to decrease the onsite security staff and use the CCTV system to give the security for the area.

This decrease in staff saves on payroll and the use of a CCTV system insures consistent trustworthy surveillance of the area around and within the plant or buildings. In addition many insurance firms recognize the cost of CCTV systems in house and supply lower rates for those facilities that do have CCTV system coverage. CCTV systems today can even be monitored remotely thru the web. This capability authorizes the owner to don't have a full-time security employees at the plant after hours. Should motion be detected the photographs from that camera are broadcast to the central station where they can be viewed and remedial actions determined. CCTV systems still defend against shoplifting, however the job of property protection has expanded for CCTV systems and will continue to grow in the future.